(1) a place of refuge and protection.
(2) a refuge for wildlife where predators are controlled and hunting is illegal. 

Growing up, our family was our sanctuary. During my younger years, I could drop in on my mom and aunts, often unannounced, and be welcomed with warm smiles, a drink (or, inevitably, a few more!), engaging conversation, invaluable advice, a warm bed, and most memorably, a delicious home-cooked meal. This privilege was extended to every family member and friends would receive the same hearty and natural welcome. 

The family has always cherished celebrations and for over five decades, has gathered in impressive numbers over Christmas, Easter and special occasions, no matter how scattered around the world we were. The activity centred around a vast dining room table. Regardless how big the table got, or the shuffling and imagination it took, nobody was left out. Laughter, joy, unashamed song and dance were abundant and synonymous with great food. 

The sanctuary metaphor has continued with the Amakhala Game Reserve. We are immensely proud to have been part of this lifetime project in building a natural wildlife sanctuary that has turned the clock back to a time, over a century ago, when game flourished abundantly in this beautiful region and now thrives again. 

For me, food has been an incredible journey. Memories abound, engaging all senses, from pancake Fridays at my best mate’s house (a tradition continued with my own daughters) to Mom’s generous yet perfectly measured cooking during festive family celebrations, with loving contributions from all involved; from late-night varsity burgers to world travels and exposure to fresh flavours. I taught myself to cook so that I could offer my daughters a slightly better and, ultimately, more enticing alternative to fast food. Rich journeys lived to the full with my amazing and beautiful love to rich and regular celebrations with our beloved Lion Roars family. 

We aspire to evoke memories with repetitions and reinventions of familiar family favourites, most tried and tested, but sometimes with an added twist and a little imagination and experimentation. We know that we have a recipe that has endured for over 50 years. It has literally stood the test of time. Thank you for becoming part of our journey. The menu is personal, featuring food we’ve loved over many years, and we hope it will stir great memories for you as well as create new ones. Welcome to The Sanctuary, where we promise to serve with love and a smile. 

 Please join us and celebrate this moment.